So, It’s been a while.

Cough, it’s been a while. For real.

I started the year out posting regularly and then right after that last post on PCOS I just stopped caring. Which, for the record, isn’t the norm around here. Usually there’s at least some level of guilt associated with not posting (right up with “things I should be doing, but am not”). But, not this time… no guilt, not even a real sense of freedom.

Maybe it’s because I’m dealing with some things that I’d rather let play out on a private stage before releasing them to the never-ending time capsule that is the internet? Maybe it’s the stress of moving, selling a house and finding ourselves living with our parents because the real estate market in Colorado is IN-FREAKING-SANE at best. (Also, living with parents has some serious perks). Maybe.

Either way, it’s a new thing for me. This waning urge to spatter my thoughts out on a blank canvas read by strangers (and non-strangers). I don’t know where that puts me, if it leaves me here or somewhere else entirely.

If you do still stop by on occasion, I’m here. I just don’t know what I’m doing. (Which, really, do I ever?)


I just want to write.

Letting it out -- I want to write.

You should see my drafts box, all overloaded and bursting with half-written posts and unfinished thoughts. Each time I login to write, those posts stare back at me like I’m some sort of traitor — not allowing them out in to the world. Instead, I open several of them in different tabs, read through the words, make minor changes, hit “save draft” and exit out of the screen. Feeling no more accomplished than I did when I first logged in.

It’s almost as if they won’t allow me to go any further without finishing the things (or even just one thing) that I’ve started. And, that’s what’s been keeping me from posting — or from writing at all. Those lingering thoughts, the words I want to release but don’t quite have the courage, are all balled up in my chest, in my heart, in my mind.

But. I want to write. Not wait until I’m ready. Even if it’s trivial or doesn’t make sense. Words on a page. Pictures on a page. That’s what I want and where I’m at. Here’s to hoping November is the month of getting back into the groove.

Finally Friday.

We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are. - Oprah

Let me start this Friday out by saying that I like my job. I don’t, however, like it as much as I like time off with my friends and family… if you know what I mean. With that being said, you will rarely find me asking for more days to work in the week, but this week? I could use at least one or two more. Being out last Friday/Monday put me really behind and my to-do list is literally off the page. Le sigh. I’m hoping that I can up the efficiency factor and head into the weekend feeling a little better about where I’ll find myself come Monday morning.

For the weekend? It’s going to be top notch. I can’t share all the details just yet because some of them are still top secret, but I can tell you that we’re having two fun family dinners, a fancy steak dinner for Christian’s birthday and we’ll probably head to the farmer’s market (where I’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money on the BEST watermelon I’ve ever tasted). Also, I have to find time to clean… the kitchen is clean, but that’s about it (oh! and the dogs need baths, I can’t even remember the last time they were bathed), it’s gross.

How was your week? Anything fun on tap for this weekend on your end?

Here are some of my favorite finds from around the interwebs:

We all have those little things that we’re so good at — the things we don’t even recognize because we’ve done them for so long? You know what I’m talking about? For instance, I’ve been using URL shorteners for years and it’s not even something I think about. However, there are plenty of people in this world that have never heard of or or all the others. Ever thought about sharing your obvious talents with someone else?

This paragraph on writing hit me so, so hard:

I didn’t start writing because I had a novel to publish or even an idea of what the hell that would look like. I didn’t start writing because I had some master plan about where this was all going. I started writing because when I was a kid, I saw an old man make people happy by grabbing a pen and not overthinking the words he put to paper.

I always find myself caught up in little nuances and I let it get in the way of just writing to make me happy and to make others happy.

One of the places I’ve always wanted to live is North Carolina — there’s something about having access to both mountains + ocean + southern charm that just completely draws me in. That’s why I have entered (every single day) to win this sweet little cottage in NC. Would you want to win a vacation home on the water?

Historic black and white photos always look so poignant and beautiful — I could frame a lot of them and never get sick of looking at them day in and day out. These updated, colorized versions of historic photos are amazing, and I’m pretty sure some of them even look like they could have been taken today (or any day). Sometimes I just love technology and what we can do with it.

There’s always that moment when making guacamole where you wonder if you’ve made too little (the shame!) or if you’ve made too much (the waste!). I’ve tried every trick in the books for keeping guacamole fresh and none of them ever work to my satisfaction. That’s why this tip on keeping guacamole fresh seems so amazing — it actually makes sense.

Apparently ketchup isn’t the most healthy condiment? According to some people, that are clearly not me. I even took the time to check out the back of the bottle last night and wasn’t completely repulsed by the calorie count — I mean, it’s a little high, but has nothing on, say, a dollop of chipotle garlic aioli. If I were to cut out store-bought ketchup (which I have no plans to do), I’d want to try this homemade ketchup recipe. I might try it anyways, because it sounds so intriguing.

** Update, I made a loaf of the paleo bread I posted about a couple of weeks ago and it actually turned out really well. I even messed up the ratio of egg whites and left out the honey, and it’s still definitely edible (even delicious). The texture is like a really moist pumpkin bread and it has a bit of nuttiness from the cashew butter. If you’re looking for a paleo/gluten-free/sugar-free/dairy-free bread, then this is the ticket (and here’s the recipe). Here’s how it looked fresh out of the oven:

Baking Paleo Bread -

Why my posts aren’t & never will be perfect.

I'm not perfect and neither are my posts!

Each time I sit down to type out a blog post I worry, just a little, about all the typos/mis-spellings/punctuation errors/weird wordings  that are going to pepper my posts. The ones you read about in the rules of blogging “make sure to double-check your spelling, punctuation, blah, blah, blah”. Truthfully, I could let this paralyze me and keep me from pressing the keys or ever getting started, but I don’t. Because I like to write. I may not be the best writer, I may not make you laugh until your side hurts, I may not always leave you with tears in your eyes. But, I’m doing something I love to do.

I’m not perfect, my writing isn’t perfect, it never will be. And, I’m ok with that. Connecting, sharing, enjoying and participating will always, always take priority over perfection.

Just like in real life. I may dream of wearing beautiful dresses, matched with the perfect belt, pretty sandals, darling jewelry, and elegant hair & make-up to match, but in reality you get me in jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers and the same necklace I’ve worn everyday for the past 1.5 years. It is what it is, I am who I am. There will be days when I’m better (when I choose to put on a skirt) and days when I’m not (when I stay in sweats all day) and I’m not apologizing for either.

That may be one of the worst analogies I’ve ever used – I’m rolling with it.

If you’re reading my blog then you’re reading it for me. The real me, the one who makes mistakes (lots of them), questions things (always) and is trying each day to be a little more true and a little more intentional. So, please, be forgiving of my misplaced comma and keep on stopping by.



Nablopomo 2010.

30 posts in 30 days!

Today is November 1. For starters, how the hell is it November 1? I’m pretty sure it was just last week I was doing my first Nablopomo. But alas, here it is again – a whole year later. I’m going to try my hardest come hell or high water to post something exceptional every single day for the next 30 days.

Last year I had a trip to San Fransisco to chronicle and some adventures to document. This year, no out-of-state (or country) trips are planned, unless you count the annual trip to Louisville, for work, right after Thanksgiving. So, same as last year, I’ll be tying myself to my MacBook and cranking these bad boys out every day for your personal viewing enjoyment.