Merry Christmas!

So, I’ve taken a month or so off… let’s just call it a Christmas present to myself why don’t we. Not sure what happened between quitting Nablopomo and now, but let’s say it was full of fun and frivolities along with some holiday cheer and a few cocktails. Mmmk?

I want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Take a moment to whip out the maternity pants (oh have I not told that story yet… it’s to come), eat some rum cake (you’ve never heard of rum cake? I’ll share the recipe), and spend time with the people who matter most. I love you all… each and every one and promise to be better in the new year.


I quit Nablopomo.

Crazy busy week

So, I accidentally quit Napblopomo. I didn’t get home until after 12 last night and didn’t have it in me to try and write a post — not to mention that it was after the time limit. In that moment of panicked realization a sort of calm came over me – I think I’m ok with quitting this.

I go between feeling like this was an inadvertently good decision to feeling like a failure. But, sometimes you just can’t do it all. As a testament to that here is what I’m up against:

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. Today, I helped my Mom rake all day and made dinner and a birthday cake (with Christian, who in this moment requested to be referred to as “the old man”), and my older brother is getting into town later tonight. Tomorrow, we have a b-day celebration lunch, family time and a trip to REI and Sports Authority. Monday, my aunt comes to town. Tuesday, snowboarding with the bro and Christian. Wednesday, I have to work and my friend Katrine who is from Norway, but is studying in CA for the semester arrives. Thursday is Thanksgiving. Friday, who knows. Saturday, we have appointments at the art museum for the King Tut exhibit. Sunday, church followed by packing for my trip.

I then have to be at the airport at 4:00 in the morning, on Monday, for a flight to Louisville — and a week of work awaits. Oh, did I mention there are some MAJOR changes at work and I feel like a chicken with my head cut off every time I open up my lap top? No, I didn’t? Well, I do.

All of these things aren’t BAD things, some of them are GREAT things, but they all in the end contribute to me running here and there, then over here again and back to there.

So you know, it’s probably a good thing that I quit. Because I’m already having nightmares (literally) and the stress level is a touch out of control. So, adios Nablopomo 2010, it’s been real.

*Photo by: programwitch

Nablopomo 2010.

30 posts in 30 days!

Today is November 1. For starters, how the hell is it November 1? I’m pretty sure it was just last week I was doing my first Nablopomo. But alas, here it is again – a whole year later. I’m going to try my hardest come hell or high water to post something exceptional every single day for the next 30 days.

Last year I had a trip to San Fransisco to chronicle and some adventures to document. This year, no out-of-state (or country) trips are planned, unless you count the annual trip to Louisville, for work, right after Thanksgiving. So, same as last year, I’ll be tying myself to my MacBook and cranking these bad boys out every day for your personal viewing enjoyment.


It's my blogging birthday!

Today is a big day. is having a birthday. I’ve blogged for many years, but more privately… and not here. So for celebration’s purposes today is my blogging birthday! Hooray! Cupcake anyone? Eh? I’m having one so you might as well cave… I’ll toss in champagne if you can say something witty? Eh, eh?

I have to say thank you to all of those that inspired anything I’ve written. My family for always being undeniably quirky and wonderful, my friends for their ever adventurous and changing lives, my dog for being so absolutely bizarre and for Furbys and peanut butter — because the number of searches that are generated with those two topics is absolutely shocking.

So to all of you out there looking for Furby’s, thanks for stopping by and making my day. Hopefully you find a Furby… and that will make yours! And to the rest of you… non-Furby readers thank you, thank you, thank you. I heart you all and if I could personally deliver cupcakes and champagne (if you’ve earned it) to you I would. But… in all honesty I’d probably eat each cupcake and drink all the champagne on the way over; so, my presence would have to suffice. Still interested? Thought so.

Some of my favorite things from the past year? Completing Nablopomo, making people laugh, being more honest with myself and my writing, keeping Charles alive, traveling (I know I’m behind on writing about it), crazy shenanigans with those I love, all the food I ate and cupcakes that met their maker… oh how the list could go on and on.

Again, thank you! And, here’s to many more blogging birthdays to come!

*”Birthday Cake” photo by Theresa Thompson.

All Done.

Today is the official end of Nablopomo. THE END, the very end. I can now enjoy 11 months of posting whenever I want and seriously reduce the amount of swear words that come out of my mouth at about 10:00 each night. Serious freedom. I honestly can’t believe I made it. I’m impressed with myself and anyone else that managed to complete 30 days of posting joy. I would have a glass of wine, or four, but I’m in Louisville for work and I think that my incessant chatter and giggling might be frowned upon. Go figure.

This is exactly how I feel:


1/2 Way.

I’m half way through Nablopomo. Half way. Part of me thinks this is a milestone, part of me thinks “Holy Crap 15 more days!!!! Expletive, expletive!!” All said with a smile.

Life has been more than crazy. Borderline insane. I know we all like to think I’ve truly been tied to this computer  for the past 15 days… but I decided to have a life instead. I know, I’m a disappointment. I do, however, have a room and purse full of sticky notes with hair brained, scribbled ideas for things to post about. When I actually get desperate enough to look through those scribbles I’m baffled at my incoherent notes. They generally looks something like this:

Menopause — flashes

Bug spray and purel

Gay strip flip cup

Any thoughts? I’m not really sure where I was going on any of those. Not a whole lot of help in the confusion category! Here’s to the next 15 days and some more coherent topics.


I’m only four days late in talking about it. You think I would have been able to pull out a semi-easy post on the fact that I have to tie myself to his here MacBook and post at least once a day this month. Daunting task, and trust me I know… I’ve already struggled through 3 days of random ramblings. Considering my past posting history of about one per week, it’s fairly obvious that every day will be a much-needed improvement. It’s not for lack of ideas that I don’t post more often, but of needing time to let things marinate – which isn’t always feasible. Ok, ok maybe that’s a lie. Sometimes it’s marinating and other times I would rather sit on a 4 hour plane ride with a teething baby than attempt to write something just bursting with witty charm. So there you have it. My first official Nablopomo. A month of self-torture.

I hope you know that I’ll be buying myself an extra large glass of wine if I make it through all 30 days. Maybe two, and a cupcake. Because I’ll deserve it, that I’m sure of. So here’s to a month of random ramblings, a tour through San Fran, and a plethora of awkward and embarrassing moments. Nablopomo 2010.