My Life List.

Go big or go home. You only live once. Shoot for the stars…. I say, make it interesting and fun and meaningful!

1.) Learn to speak Spanish, Italian and French fluently.

2.) Visit a Japanese tea garden, in Japan.

3.) Write a book.

4.) Be a Big Sister or mentor for an inner city child.

5.) Live in Africa.

6.) See a Great White Shark at Seal Island.

7.) Buy a backpack and go to Europe. No itinerary. Maybe live there for a while.

8.) Learn to edit photos… and maybe how to take those photos.

9.) Take singing lessons.

10.) Cater a party.

11.) Eat pizza in New York and Chicago. In the same week.

12.) Learn to surf.

13.) Tour the pyramids of Egypt.

14.) Take a trip to Havana, Cuba.

15.) Have a wine cellar.

16.) Be able to do 10 push ups (not on my knees).

17.) Flip a house.

18.) Tell my friends and family what, exactly, they mean to me.

19.) Learn to like tomatoes and mushrooms – Update: I really am working on tomatoes… I’ll even eat small chunks these days!

20.) Milk a cow.

21.) Read the entire Bible, cover to cover.

22.) Love where I live and what I do.

23.) Deck my house out for Christmas and have a party.

24.) Explore a shipwreck.  -Done October 2011 on our honeymoon to Turks and Caicos.

25.) Take my parents on a vacation, they of all people deserve it.

26.) Attend at least one “Canvas and Cocktails”. – I’ve been to two in 2012!

27.) Be functional at HTML or CSS.

28.) Get my MBA or Masters of Science in Marketing or go back to school.

29.) Ride in a hot air balloon – maybe in Aspen, CO.

30.) Go on a cruise. -Did this with Christian’s family in February 2012.

31.) Run a half marathon.

32.) Pick up a complete strangers tab.

33.) Have a real “day at the spa”.

34.) Make 100 different kinds of desserts.

35.) Create and write down 25 new recipes.

36.) Try Yoga, both normal and Bikram. – Tried both kinds in 2012, post is here)

37.) Throw a fabulous summer party for no reason.

38.) Create a great backyard for entertaining, complete with twinkle lights.

39.) Learn to “decently” french braid my hair.

40.) Visit the Coke factory in Atlanta, GA.

41.) Take a trip to Savannah and enjoy its southern charm.

42.) Stay in a tropical hut over the ocean in Bora Bora — or Tahiti.

43.) Get married and have a family. – Got married Oct. 8, 2012! Had a baby in Nov 2015!

44.) Backpack the “West Coast Trail” on Vancouver Island.

45.) Make 30 minutes a day for myself, meditation, prayer, thought. Just me. For a year.

46.) Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

47.) Take a French, Italian and pastry cooking class. – French in Spring 2015!

48.) Create 5 paintings. They can be simple.

49.) Speak publicly.

50.) Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

51.) Rent a sports car and take a trip on the Autobahn.

52.) Take a month long beach vacation.

53.) Spend a week in Napa Valley relaxing, tasting wine and loving life.

54.) Live alone. -Did this from February 2011 – July 2011!

55.) Visit New York City.

56.) Use a Zipcar in a big city.

57.) Attend a lantern festival – thousands of lit lanterns in the sky.

58.) Attend a Tedx event.

More to come… as always.

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