It does it on it’s own!

Last night it dawned on me, in the midst of my “I hate winter and three hour commutes” anxiety, that there is one true thing about winter that I adore. And, that my friends is cold water. You don’t have to let the sink run of 17 minutes before the water turns cool enough to drink, you don’t have to add ice to chill it down, you don’t have to keep a pitcher in the fridge to maintain your endless cold water addiction.

There’s a hint of winter in the air.

I forgot to take pictures, assuming that the snow would linger long enough for me to grab a few shots after work — it’s just like Colorado to snow all morning and have it melted by the time I drive home (dry roads and all). To celebrate the welcoming of winter, Christian and I are headed to the Nuggets game when they are going to break the Lakers winning streak (a girl can dream can’t she?). I gave him tickets for our anniversary and it just so happens to coincide with the first snow!