Finally Friday.

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! I was so happy about today being Friday that I actually called Christian on my way to work and sang him a few lines of “Glory,¬†Glory Hallelujah”. Breaking out into song (and making up my own songs) is somewhat of a specialty of mine, though I try to reserve it forContinue reading “Finally Friday.”

It’s… it’s… it’s… it’s Friday!

Tonight Christian and I are lying low, planning a veggie-filled dinner and just relaxing. Tomorrow C’s heading snowboarding and I have the lucky privilege of taking the puppies to the vet (oh, I haven’t mentioned the puppies? Stay tuned next week), then maybe see a movie with the mama in the afternoon + some vino? Sunday we’ll head to our marriage class at church then watch the Nuggets pummel the OKC Thunder (hopeful prayers) Sunday night. What are you up to? Can you believe January is almost 2/3’s over?