You know, GO VOTE!

So many have said it better than I ever could… Like Seth Godin and Rebecca Woolf and Kim and Beth Anne.

There’s a lot of hatred and fury being flung around this year… which, if you ask me, is not ok. I don’t care who you vote for – whether its Obama, Romney or good ‘ol Roseanne Barr. If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter – you’ve opted out of your right to have a say.

We all have our own beliefs, our own experiences and our own battles. Be kind to each other, be kind to the volunteers at the voting locations and be kind to yourself. Take the time, go out… and VOTE!

Vote 2010.

So this year put on your big girl or big boy pants and get out to vote. I don’t care if you vote republican, democrat, green, or some different party completely. Just do it. And, in case you’re feeling dismayed by the political ads out there, un-interested in any of the candidates and sporting an “I’d rather not vote than vote for one of those yahoos” thought process, read this article by Seth Godin . I guarantee it will change your mind.