Slippin’ & a sliddin’.

Now, I know that I’m about 10 years behind the whole yoga pants and Namaste party, but I say ‘better late than never’. For starters, let’s talk about how the room was only 80 degrees. It seemed that for everyone else in the class that was a perfectly acceptable temperature… but for me, it meant that I looked like I just hopped out of a pool by the end of the 75 minute class. How gross is that? Let me assure you that it was very gross. To make it even more sexy, all that sweat wandered down to my cheapo Target mat meaning that my downward dog looked a little more like a 10 year old fighting with a Slip n’ Slide. Plank? Sure, no… woosh face plant.

Step It Up.

  Yeah, so I went to “step” class tonight with my friend Lindsey. She’s the one that was in the special looking photo with me from Race for the Cure, in case you’re keeping track. We decided to give it whirl, maybe get our arses kicked and go home sweaty. Instead we were surrounded byContinue reading “Step It Up.”