A story in which I am the worst girlfriend ever.

I spend a while going over every little piece of the mantle — as you can probably tell — when I turn to him and mumble “I don’t like your mantle”. He asks why and in a semi more coherent (as in I can’t repeat the real mumblings of my brain because I don’t even think a seasoned psychiatrist could wade through those waters) I explain to him the above flaws with having that mantle in this condo. I dig myself a nice little hole, and he keeps asking me about certain aspects – what I would different… and the hole deepens. I’m now neck deep in this little hole I dug myself. I bet you can guess where this is going.

Well hello, Monday.

I’ve been a little few and far between with my posting lately. Part of me thinks it’s because I’m gearing up for Nablopomo yet again and can’t waste it all in October and the other part of me is feeling entirely uninspired. It’s a cloudy day here in Colorado and it’s going to start raining in the next couple hours. I love rain. I love fall.

A little something I learned this weekend.

It’s June. The middle of June, but it seems that mother nature has failed to get this memo. So, in order to move things on I have written a brief letter on behalf of myself and all of those in Colorado:

Dear Mother Nature,

Get with the freaking picture and work on summer and summer like temperatures.


Megan and the rest of the state of Colorado