Finally Friday.


It’s Friday! Hooray!

This was my third week of work and things feel like they may be starting to settle into a bit of a grove. I’m enjoying the challenge of working but also enjoying the benefit of being home with sweet Eleanor at the same time. I love it when life feels like it’s falling into place (at least sort of).

There’s nothing officially planned for this weekend so we’re just going to wing it! The weather is supposed to be in the 70’s (whaaaat?) and I plan on enjoying every darn minute of it. Eleanor better get ready for some long walks because I’m going to make it happen!

Hope you have a great one and enjoy my finds from around the interwebs:

Have you seen the shampoo prank video? I might be the last person on the internet to see it, but I couldn’t stop laughing. If you need a bit of a pick me up, this will certainly do the trick.

I’m not sure I can adequately express my love for this French Vinaigrette recipe. It’s simple, delicious and turns regular old lettuce into something you’ll crave every. single. day. Make it, now. You won’t regret it.

The last time I bought shoes that weren’t tennis shoes was… um… a very long time ago. I’m talking years here. That’s why nobody is more surprised than me that I can’t stop thinking about these sandals for summer. It’s March which means it’s almost summer and I can wear sandals, right?

Every time someone brings up Donald Trump or I catch a glimpse of that terrible haircut, I feel mildly nauseous. This post by Max Lucado on Decency For President really struck a cord with me. And, while we’re on that note, Cape Breton making it easy to move there if ‘ol Donald is elected.

Would you ever try making your own watercolors? This video makes it look so easy (damn you Facebook videos) that I sort of, kind of, maybe want to try it.

If you’ve ever talked to me about maternity leave or anything having to do with that, you know that it makes me incredibly angry. INCREDIBLY ANGRY. I couldn’t help but relate to this article and I totally agree that “Having It All Kind Of Sucks“.

I know so many people that are pregnant… which means they’ll be needed a name for that little bebe. This baby name app is tops and I’m thinking it might have saved us from the naming conundrum we found ourselves in. I’m book marking this for baby #2.

Hope you have a good one!

Finally Friday.

Life, Love & Garlic: You're The Chicken To My Waffle

Ahem… It’s Fri-yi-dahy! AND it’s Memorial Day weekend (re: three-day weekend)! Doesn’t get better than that. Oh wait, there’s forecasted good weather – it, in fact, does get better! Which is great timing since this week was really slow for me. The dogs have been waking us up 1-2 times a night and it’s starting to take its toll. They’re cute. That’s what keeps them alive.

We, also, caught a black widow in our garden last weekend which is now living in a Tupperware on our table. Each time I look over at it, I get that heebie-jeebie, shivery feeling makes its way up my spine. I wish it would just die already so I wouldn’t have to look at it and continue my mandatory “bang it on the table to see if it moves and is hence still alive” maneuver each morning. People keep telling me to just “kill it”, and to them I say “you want to take the top off the Tupperware? Be. My. Guest.” Maybe I’ll just leave it, in the Tupperware, out in the sun. That’ll cook it, right?

This post has taken a turn for the weird.

Anyways. What’s on tap the next three days? Some of my family from Iowa, including baby Bentley, are coming to visit for the weekend (they get here this afternoon), I’m photographing a wedding on Saturday and then taking it easy the rest of the time. I do believe there will be hamburgers on the grill and a few glasses of wine in my future. Oh, and some baby holding since there will be two babies hanging around. It will be great, I just have a feeling.

Here are a few of my favorite finds from around the interwebs for this week:

My very favorite post of the week was this list of 10 blog posts you’ll wish you had read sooner. In fact, it ate up a couple hours over the course of two days. The best of the list includes:

This list of common misconceptions will eat up the better part of an hour to look through, but trust me when I tell you it is not time wasted. I was particularly intrigued by the entries about: seared meat, nails growing after you’re dead, hydrogen peroxide and blood.

I love the idea of showering someone with affirmations on their birthday! Doesn’t it seem like such a genuine way to celebrate exactly who they are? I’ll have to remember this since birthday season is almost here.

Have you ever had one of those moments where your friend (mother, sister, boyfriend, cousin etc.) said the most perfect thing possible — even when it wasn’t a “sunshine and rainbows” kind of moment? Here’s a list of  things we don’t say enough (and when to use them) that will help you be the person with all the wisdom and perfect words.

Lately we’ve been having smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch… it really takes all the decision (and cheating) out of 2 meals a day! Plus, those two can be made in infinite ways, making it a new endeavor each day! I think, next week, I’ll try this Bacon Apple Vinaigrette Salad – seems so summery and it has bacon! as one of the main ingredients!

Learning to tell Christian what he means to me in a way that means something to him (still with me?) has been something I’ve had to work on. While I may want fluffy and romantic, that stuff doesn’t do a whole lot for him. Hence why I found this guide on 62 things to tell your husbands to be a good, quick read!

P.S. I’ve been having WAY too much fun with the A Beautiful Mess app on my iPhone — the options are endless and so is the stream of randomly captioned photos of the dogs that I’ve been sending to Christian. Also, that waffle photo? Compliments of my new app and the way I show love. Food. And weird comparisons.

Taking “eating leftovers” to heart.

I stood in front of the fridge this morning packing things up for the day. Grabbed the gluten-free pizza and broccoli for lunch, the shrimp pasta for Megan… “hmmm, do I need anything else?”. That’s when I noticed a salad I made on Sunday night for a lunch this week was tucked away in the back of my fridge. I felt bad for it, it wasn’t going to get to live out it’s healthy, leafy glory. Do you ever do that? Feel bad for inanimate objects — food, stuffed animals, books etc. It’s ridiculous, I know.

I packed it along figuring I’d eat it at work or toss it. About halfway from Denver to Fort Collins I decide that I’m too broke to be wasting food (especially delicious, healthy food) and that I will be eating it for breakfast if I have to choke down each leaf and brussel sprout as I go.

And, I’m proud to admit that I did just that. So here it is, my “leftover” breakfast – salad and green tea – in all it’s awesomeness. Maybe I’ll start a salad for breakfast streak, then again, maybe not.

This is what eating leftover is really about.

In the salad: baby romaine, brussel sprouts, brown rice, chicken breast and walnuts. All topped off with red wine vinaigrette.