Operation book sale.

I love books. I love them. I get attached to them. That’s why for the entire past year I’ve been looking forward to the library book sale. Which happened to be this last weekend. I think I’m equally excited for Christmas as I am the book sale. <Insert nostalgic sigh>

I dragged the bf to be the muscle of the library book operation. Someone had to carry them around for me… and it was also payback for “teaching how to play a computer game involving tanks” at 10:00 the night before. I’m sure he loved every second, and by loved I may mean simply existed through the hour or so I spent digging through boxes and piles of books. I walked away (on day 1) with two bags full of books and $32 less in my wallet.

We went back after a quick lunch to fuel up on Sunday. Sunday is the holy grail of book sale days. You get as many brown grocery bags as you want and you fill them up with any and all books you want — and get this — it only costs $6 a bag! I had to elbow a greasy aunt Edna out of the way to score the signed Ann Packer book and loaded up with the Poison Wood Bible among others. Again I had the bf haul my books around and feigned interest. At one point he looks at me incredulously and says “Are you actually going to read all of these? This would take me a lifetime”.

And to that I replied. “I am”, good sir, I am.

$12.80 later and I’m home with this pile of love:

Such a deal at the library sale!

I love these books

Lots of keepers in there