Those aren’t his specific goats, but they’ll do. And, that lady’s hair will always leave something to aspire to. I thought the fainting goats were the most novel thing since sliced bread and cell phones. You chase after them, their body becomes rigid as if they were instantaneously turning into a stone statue and they un-glamorously fall over, all within a matter of seconds. Like this:

That one time I went caving, aka spelunking.

A few years back, my dad lived on this farm in Missouri. I grew up in the city and thought it was absolutely spectacular to visit and “work” on the farm for a few weeks a year. Throughout my childhood I would dream of living on a farm, having unlimited access to all kinds of animals and just living in the country. I think that I’ve mentioned that I have family in Iowa (if not, you now know), and about half of them live on farms. We’d go for a visit but never, really, got to experience the day-to-day grind of farm life, meaning my Dad’s farm was all new to me.