Instead of feeling ready for all that’s about to happen I feel a little like the excitement has passed and all that’s left is the memories. Despite my less than enthusiastic perspective on starting 2012, I’m ready to rock the heck out of 2012. I’d say I have some resolutions, but whenever you use the word resolution in front of some sort of a goal it’s bound to fail. So in 2012 I don’t have any resolutions, but some overall things that I hope to make a reality.

Long Term Commitment.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m not on a husband hunt and I’m not in any rush to get married or start popping out little sticky, screaming children. Don’t get me wrong… I like other people’s children (well most of them) but I, in no way, want my own anytime soon.Continue reading “Long Term Commitment.”