It’s the small things.

You know that moment when you’re watching someone do something so benign and mundane that you’re not even sure why you keep watching? But you do. After a few seconds go by you notice them slowing lighting up at that ridiculous little thing? Tell me you know what I’m talking about. That “thing” could be finallyContinue reading “It’s the small things.”

Kissing those winter blues buh-bye.

With that said. today marks the first day of spring – which means that as I just typed that I may have almost peed my pants with joy. Who’m I kidding I did pee my pants with joy. In order to help myself crawl out of this freezing cold winter cave I’ve found myself in I’ve been digging all the positive things out there. Postitive quotes, the pretty fricken flowers, strawberries, mantras, and, you know, spring in general. Since I’m feeling like there is once again hope on this planet I thought I’d share the happy inspiration that I’m digging. Maybe it will be a couple posts, maybe a series, maybe a weekly thing. Meh, who knows. But, today I’m happy and I want to drag you into the happy with me.


I have many a friend that can look attractive crying. Tears seamlessly fall down their cheeks and it’s sad, but borderline picturesque. A lovely tragedy. Their faces don’t puff up, no one asks them if they’ve had their lips injected and their eyes fail to swell shut, leaving their eyes peeping out of tiny slitsContinue reading “Crying.”