Finally Friday.

All I can think about today is the fact that Monday is President’s Day. Which I have off for the first time since I started working. It’s going to be glorious. Christian and I are heading to Estes Park this afternoon for an annual retreat with our marriage class. Seems fitting to have it so close to Valentine’s Day – with all the focus on love. Also, Christian brought home a sampling of cupcakes this afternoon — which were delicious, hence the lack of photo evidence (the chocolate and vanilla were my favorite)!


Today is a big day. is having a birthday. I’ve blogged for many years, but more privately… and not here. So for celebration’s purposes today is my blogging birthday! Hooray! Cupcake anyone? Eh? I’m having one so you might as well cave… I’ll toss in champagne if you can say something witty? Eh, eh?

Busy, busy busy.

The next few weeks are probably going to kill me, just kill me dead. Ok, ok I’m exaggerating, but nonetheless they are going to be one crazy, hectic mess. I’m getting ready to move (see Housing Gods) to Denver, trying to prepare for family and friends to come into town for my sister’s graduation party,Continue reading “Busy, busy busy.”