The end of an era.

Tuesday was it – the end of my first job out of college, the very start of my career. The goodbye to four years of hard work, frustrations, great feats and even better comrades. I’ve written and re-written this post trying to honor all the thoughts, feelings and memories I want to include, but there just isn’t a way to do it without sounding like a bi-polar lunatic on the verge. I could tell you about conversations that literally had me laughing so hard that no noise came out and it’s a miracle that I didn’t wet my pants on the spot, strings of emails that caused an inappropriate amount of swearing and random office jokes including a cinnamon bear gummy hand and a creepy clawed potty pass…


I have many a friend that can look attractive crying. Tears seamlessly fall down their cheeks and it’s sad, but borderline picturesque. A lovely tragedy. Their faces don’t puff up, no one asks them if they’ve had their lips injected and their eyes fail to swell shut, leaving their eyes peeping out of tiny slitsContinue reading “Crying.”