My First Corn Maze.

Colorado isn’t really known for corn. Some of our neighboring states have quite the reputation (ahem, Nebraska and Kansas), but we’re more keen on our palisade peaches and western slope produce. Given that little nugget of knowledge I was thrilled to find out that there was a corn maze nearby at the Botanic Gardens. Meaning I was on the fast track to my first corn maze.

Off to the land of corn and soy beans.

I’m taking a little trip. To Iowa. Have I peaked your interest yet? No? There is something wrong with you. Iowa seems to be a forgotten state. There aren’t any MAJOR U.S. landmarks (unless you count the toothpick museum in Gladbrook as a national¬† treasure), there aren’t an un-godly amount of 5-star restaurants (in factContinue reading “Off to the land of corn and soy beans.”