My VERY favorite chocolate chip cookies.

I love cookies. They’re portable, sweet and most of the time perfectly chewy. What’s not to like? I set out on the quest to find/make the very best chocolate chip cookie – a staple, in what I believe should be, every household. I can’t stand the pre-made refrigerated dough kind, or the pre-packaged kind… andContinue reading “My VERY favorite chocolate chip cookies.”

My Favorite Things – December.

I love the month of December… I look forward to it all year. Really I enjoy May – December. January – April, not so much. So many wonderful things happen in December. People care, they take time to share cookies with their neighbors, tacky sweater parties and Christmas. Some people also go a little crazy, but I choose to keep the freaks at bay.

So what? I’m a salt person with a weakness.

I’m a salt person. There are no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. I need (in the I will kill for it) french fries, potato chips, popcorn, soy sauce… ok, you get the picture. That being said there are a few “sweet somethings” that I absolutely cannot say no to… and my friends/family know exactlyContinue reading “So what? I’m a salt person with a weakness.”