A trip down memory lane.

On Saturday we took a little trip – Christian, Kaitlyn, Griffin, Drew, Becky and I – to Fort Collins. I live in Fort Collins for 5 years, went to school there and built a mountain of memories that I’ll always hold dear. We made a first stop at La Luz for a potato burrito, and it was just as good as remembered. If not better. Yum.

It’s been a year.

Actually it had been a year on Monday, but as you can see from my Philadelphia post and my halloween post, I’m clearly not a fan of posting when things *actually* happen. So, on Monday, it was Christian and I’s 1 year anniversary (cue the violins and sappy music). I haven’t talked about Christian much because I thought in some way writing about him, or posting things on facebook, or even mentioning him in a semi-permanent place would jinx it. But, you know what I say? Living in fear is no way to live. So… it’s been a year. A year of lots of ups and a few downs, a year of learning and figuring out how to let someone in after having my heart broken. I heart him.

What your Internet says about you.

Once upon a time when I moved into my new house, we didn’t have internet for a week and I had files I needed to get out ASAP. Christian had to drive around, me in the passenger seat trolling for unprotected wi-fi. A minute here, a minute there. It was all very undercover. In my opinion, if you really want to get to know your neighbors and the people living around you, go take a peek at their wireless name, if nothing else you’ll find out what they’re *really* interested in. Cough, penis wrinkle, cough, cough.


Also, I’m pissed. I’m pissed at the creepy pedophiles that give poison candy out or kidnap kids or take pictures of kids for their creepy pedophile urges. They are ruining Halloween. All I wanted was to hand out some candy. Even just 1 piece and let me tell you, not one little kid came to ring the door. Not a one. I was heartbroken and due to my misery would like to stage a beatdown on all the fruit cakes that ruined Halloween and the fun of handing out candy.

A story in which I am the worst girlfriend ever.

I spend a while going over every little piece of the mantle — as you can probably tell — when I turn to him and mumble “I don’t like your mantle”. He asks why and in a semi more coherent (as in I can’t repeat the real mumblings of my brain because I don’t even think a seasoned psychiatrist could wade through those waters) I explain to him the above flaws with having that mantle in this condo. I dig myself a nice little hole, and he keeps asking me about certain aspects – what I would different… and the hole deepens. I’m now neck deep in this little hole I dug myself. I bet you can guess where this is going.

My First Corn Maze.

Colorado isn’t really known for corn. Some of our neighboring states have quite the reputation (ahem, Nebraska and Kansas), but we’re more keen on our palisade peaches and western slope produce. Given that little nugget of knowledge I was thrilled to find out that there was a corn maze nearby at the Botanic Gardens. Meaning I was on the fast track to my first corn maze.

Operation book sale.

I dragged the bf (also from here on out to be known as ________) to be the muscle of the library book operation. Someone had to carry them around for me… and it was also payback for “teaching how to play a computer game involving tanks” at 10:00 the night before. I’m sure he loved every second, and by loved I may mean simply existed through the hour or so I spent digging through boxes and piles of books. I walked away (on day 1) with two bags full of books and $32 less in my wallet.