Happy Valentine’s Day!

No matter if this Valentine’s day finds you single, mending a broken heart, engaged, married or somewhere in between. Make sure you eat a disturbing amount of puppy chow (or any other form of chocolate) and revel in some love (whether it’s past current or future). Because, after all, there’s nothing better than love. Though, cupcakes do come close.

There’s Hope.

Christian and I planted 50 tulip bulbs around our yard last fall and they’re already starting to sprout! I can’t wait to see what they’ll look like since they were sort of tossed into random holes (cough, last minute) before the ground froze. These early buds may have something to do with the warm, warm weather we’ve been having, but, to me, it means only one thing: spring is on it’s way!

Sleepytime Memories.

Each night I come to bed with a new plan to get myself easily off into dream world only to be thwarted with memories from events, places and people I haven’t thought of in ages… wisps of summer vacations to my aunt and uncle’s house in Le Grand, IA, flashes back to dorm room conversations, replays of painful relationship moments – all just as vivid as if they had happened just last week.


Instead of feeling ready for all that’s about to happen I feel a little like the excitement has passed and all that’s left is the memories. Despite my less than enthusiastic perspective on starting 2012, I’m ready to rock the heck out of 2012. I’d say I have some resolutions, but whenever you use the word resolution in front of some sort of a goal it’s bound to fail. So in 2012 I don’t have any resolutions, but some overall things that I hope to make a reality.

20 things to be thankful for.

I’m not very good at, you know, getting posts out on the actual holiday… but I figure being thankful is being thankful and whether it happened last Thursday or happens this Thursday doesn’t really matter. Right? So here it goes, 20 things that I’m thankful for at the start of this holiday season:

Who am I again?

But, there’s still one thing that lingers, one thing that I haven’t gotten done (beside mailing out my addressed and sealed thank you cards, oops), and that’s figuring out what to do with my last name. I signed my marriage certificate Megan Stecker. Let’s all just take a minute to really roll that around in our mouths. Megan. Stecker. It’s got the same first letters as Stout, but feels so absolutely foreign when paired with my name.

What not to type into Google.

I’d had about enough hardware/man store in my life for the day and wandered off to look at the pretty things a few isles over. After exhausting all things sparkly (which happens to be relatively little) I made my way back to Christian only to see him still deep in thought while researching potential table outlets on his phone. As I inched my way closer…