Why I changed my name when I always said I wouldn’t.

Almost two months after saying I do, I took the trip to the social security office and made it official. I retired Megan Stout and became Megan Stecker. I can’t say that I feel at home in the name. Stout will always have my heart and it patters just a bit every time I think about it (oh! nostalgia how you get me every time), but I’m growing into it more and more each day. Christian and I, we’re the Steckers, we’re partners, we’re in it together. And that, for me, is how it should be.

Denver Restaurant Week.

One of my favorite times of the year is here! With all the excitement I’m even rhyming. It’s Denver Restaurant week! We have 4 different reservations already made and I just can’t wait – especially after 6 weeks of sustained good eating behavior. Here goes my 20% bad eating for the entire month of march — all in the course of about 10 days.

Finally Friday.

All I can think about today is the fact that Monday is President’s Day. Which I have off for the first time since I started working. It’s going to be glorious. Christian and I are heading to Estes Park this afternoon for an annual retreat with our marriage class. Seems fitting to have it so close to Valentine’s Day – with all the focus on love. Also, Christian brought home a sampling of cupcakes this afternoon — which were delicious, hence the lack of photo evidence (the chocolate and vanilla were my favorite)!

Finally Friday.

This weekend Christian and I are all over the place once again. Tonight should be pretty low key, but we have no plans for dinner — maybe we’ll go out for a change? Tomorrow I’m meeting my sweet friend Jessica for her first trip to IKEA and lunch – we talk at least once a week, but I haven’t seen her since last summer, crazy! Saturday night C and I are heading to his sisters house for the evening. Then, Sunday, we’re taking my Dad to a movie after church. Phew. Have to squeeze in a little cleaning (our house is a war zone) and a trip to the grocery store.

Winter at the lake.

Well, turns out, I was wrong. Grand Lake is about 45 minutes away, and not so much in the mountains as in the foothills. Christian claims I “misrepresented the trip”, I claim that I’m an idiot and generally have no idea what I’m doing. You say to-may-toes, I say to-ma-toes. We reached the “lake house” which sounds way fancier that what it really was. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe it… looked like a woodsy motel from the outside, but felt like a cabin on the inside. Make of that what you will. It had a fireplace which was the only real pre-requisite that I had. Oh, Christian had a good time. See that smile? That equals happy and fun.

It’s… it’s… it’s… it’s Friday!

Tonight Christian and I are lying low, planning a veggie-filled dinner and just relaxing. Tomorrow C’s heading snowboarding and I have the lucky privilege of taking the puppies to the vet (oh, I haven’t mentioned the puppies? Stay tuned next week), then maybe see a movie with the mama in the afternoon + some vino? Sunday we’ll head to our marriage class at church then watch the Nuggets pummel the OKC Thunder (hopeful prayers) Sunday night. What are you up to? Can you believe January is almost 2/3’s over?

And all shall give thanks.

This year I’m thankful for a handsome and every perfect for me, husband. For a Mom and dad that love and support me. For a sister and brother in law that I count among my best friends. For a whole string of “I married into this family” but they make me feel like I really belong every time I see them. For friends that live nearby, not so nearby and really far away – and how the distance between us never matters. For a community at church that makes this season of life even that much better. For my health and the health of those around me. For a job, not just any job, but a job I like that doesn’t involve a 3 hour commute.