All Hallow’s Eve.

Hope your Halloween is Spooktacular or at the very least jam packed full of mini sized candy bars. I’ll be handing out ridiculous amounts of Reese’s and Snickers while attempting to disguise and/or playing up the hard core frog voice I’m rocking along with the sniffles! Boo in more ways than one!


Also, I’m pissed. I’m pissed at the creepy pedophiles that give poison candy out or kidnap kids or take pictures of kids for their creepy pedophile urges. They are ruining Halloween. All I wanted was to hand out some candy. Even just 1 piece and let me tell you, not one little kid came to ring the door. Not a one. I was heartbroken and due to my misery would like to stage a beatdown on all the fruit cakes that ruined Halloween and the fun of handing out candy.