Taking “eating leftovers” to heart.

I stood in front of the fridge this morning packing things up for the day. Grab the gluten-free pizza and broccoli for lunch, the shrimp pasta for Megan… “hmmm, do I need anything else?”. That’s when I noticed a salad I made on Sunday night for a lunch this week was tucked away in the back of my fridge. I felt bad for it, it wasn’t going to get to live out it’s healthy, leafy glory. Do you ever do that? Feel bad for inanimate objects — food, stuffed animals, books etc. It’s ridiculous, I know.


What would it be like to really enjoy breakfast? What is going to breakfast like for normal people? Do normal people worry that there won’t be anything on the menu worth spending $15 on? Why am I even worrying about this? Order toast and be done. But I don’t really want toast, plus it usually comes out all buttered, floppy and soggy. Does anyone really like toast that way, there’s nothing toasty about it? Why am I even going to breakfast? Why did I suggest this, I know I hate breakfast? … and the list goes on.