Why it’s going to be better than great.

I already told you that I couldn’t be happier to slam the book shut on 2012 and clamber to open the cover on 2013. I just have this overwhelming sense that this year has some great things in store. Looking forward to the months ahead we have the birth of my nephew, a trip to Dallas for Blissdom, a trip the the mountains with my family and so much more.

Where I should be.

Not five minutes ago, I was in bed slowly drifting off to sleep. Thinking about how maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so many mashed potatoes for dinner, but also knowing it was totally worth it. Then it hits me. It’s 11:10 pm and I haven’t written a blog post. Nope, no post. So I drag myself out of bed and pull the laptop out. I’m not standing in the middle of the living room typing with my lap top propped up on an ironing board. Glamorous, no?

Blog Stalking.

I frequently have mixed emotions about blogging, about reading other’s blogs, about commenting in general… I know it’s ridiculous. I have a freaking blog. Look, here, I’m writing a blog RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY SECOND. WRITING, WRITING, WRITING. I’m down with the writing and I’m even more down with people leaving comments. I like toContinue reading “Blog Stalking.”