It does it on it’s own!

Last night it dawned on me, in the midst of my “I hate winter and three hour commutes” anxiety, that there is one true thing about winter that I adore. And, that my friends is cold water. You don’t have to let the sink run of 17 minutes before the water turns cool enough to drink, you don’t have to add ice to chill it down, you don’t have to keep a pitcher in the fridge to maintain your endless cold water addiction.


Charles survived his surgery… only to come back to me as Frankenpuppy. He had a gnarly 3.5″ incision with rough looking stitches covering his abdomen — all the way from his sternum to his man business. Take a peek: I was a little shocked when I picked him up that 1.) his incision was GINORMOUSContinue reading “Frankenpuppy.”

Sir Charles.

I took Charles up to the CSU vet hospital for some puppy surgery today. I believe I’ve mentioned his liver ailement here before, but I haven’t been doing many updates because it’s a bit of a downer. I took Chuck in for his annual appointment at the end of June only to learn that his blood work was extremely off — giving him a time line of about 6 months. I cried a lot. I found out at work, spent the rest of the day in and out of tears with my door shut. I figured that was better than having my co-workers question why I had disappeared and an ogre had moved into the room I usually work in.

I don’t like to cuddle… And?

So in general people like to cuddle. Snuggle up on the couch during a movie, lay by a fireplace being all romantic, just canoodle in bed a bit before falling asleep… personally I don’t like to be touched for extended periods of time. I can’t for the life of me figure out how the hellContinue reading “I don’t like to cuddle… And?”