The last 6 weeks – update.

Starting January 2, I gave up all dairy products, all wheat products (pretty much all grains except for a little rice, a little oatmeal and some tortilla chips) and almost all sugar. Cold turkey. As of today, that’s 42 days – six weeks.

Life Listin’ – Update.

I was meandering through my life list recently – after the launch of Go Mighty – when I realized that I’ve checked a few of those bad boys off over the past year. Here’s an update:
#24: Explore a shipwreck: In Turks and Caicos, for our honeymoon we went on a snorkel tour and ended up at a ship wreck. It was by no means the Titanic, but cool to see, nonetheless. Weathered boards jutting up from the sand, schools with millions of fish wandering in spirals and a barracuda leering from the underside of the deck. I’d say that pretty much covers the “explore a shipwreck” goal. Since, I’m currently thinking that scuba would be a poor decision for me (stuck under a bazillion gallons of water with only a little air tank? No thanks)… that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

I’ve got the fever. Baby Fever.

I’ve got baby fever.You’re pregnant… I’m probably going to stare at you. You have a baby… my insides are secretly (or not so secretly) screaming to snuggle that little bundle of love, for hours. You want to talk cloth diapers… I’m your girl. Pay no mind to the fact that I don’t have a child,Continue reading “I’ve got the fever. Baby Fever.”

The cake in the kitchen.

But, I don’t want to be fat. I don’t want to have stomach pain. I don’t want to allow my life to revolve around food. Because of that I’m trying again. I’m working on my veggies and starting a Whole Foods cleanse to, you know, clear things out. With all this moving, I’m getting some workouts in… which reminds me I need to step that up as well. Whew I’m going to be busy. I’ll keep you posted and keep on trucking. Maybe I need one of those accountability days – giving that some thought!

Ending the year with a bang.

The roads start to dampen and traffic slows a bit because it’s the first snow of the season — and though I live in a state where snow is commonplace, there are a plethora of drivers stick their heads up their rears the first few rounds every year. This, my friends, becomes an enormous blessing. I’m approaching the Berthoud exit on I-25 — about 20 minutes from work — and the brake lights of the cars ahead began to flare. I push the brake to slow with them and nothing. I pump the brakes because that’s what I’m suppose to do and nothing. I start praying that the breaks will start working and nothing. Nothing, no brakes on the highway. Fabulous.

Alley Crap Update.

In case you are unaware of the Alley Crap series… here is where it started. I want you all to know that I am highly dedicated to keeping you in the loop with all the treasures my alley provides. And let me tell you there are treasures a plenty this week. I would love toContinue reading “Alley Crap Update.”

Something New

As I’ve mentioned… I’ve moved downtown, well almost. And there are many things that come with living downtown: homeless folk, trash, traffic, alleys, trash in alleys, booze bottles in alleys (like the one pictured below), hoarder neighbors, amongst so many other things. Over the past 2+ months that we’ve lived here I’ve noticed a littleContinue reading “Something New”