What not to type into Google.

I’d had about enough hardware/man store in my life for the day and wandered off to look at the pretty things a few isles over. After exhausting all things sparkly (which happens to be relatively little) I made my way back to Christian only to see him still deep in thought while researching potential table outlets on his phone. As I inched my way closer…

It’s called a Monday.

I realize it’s Tuesday. But I’ll have you know that yesterday was Monday, which for most people is an inherently no bueno day. Not my favorite that’s for sure. A few things happened… I won’t get into them because who wants to read some Debby Downer post about a lame Monday. I can tell youContinue reading “It’s called a Monday.”

Step It Up.

  Yeah, so I went to “step” class tonight with my friend Lindsey. She’s the one that was in the special looking photo with me from Race for the Cure, in case you’re keeping track. We decided to give it whirl, maybe get our arses kicked and go home sweaty. Instead we were surrounded byContinue reading “Step It Up.”

San Fran: Memories and Pit Stops

The first time I ever visited, well the only other time I’ve ever visited San Francisco I was about 14… a freshman in high school and still bordering on that awkward phase that lasted from birth to about 15. I was one of the lucky ones. I remember wearing jeans that were much too short,Continue reading “San Fran: Memories and Pit Stops”