Let’s not be shy now.

So… I don’t know about you, but traveling does a number on my digestive track. It really doesn’t matter what I eat or where I am, I’m inevitably followed by a serious string of stomach issues. A few weeks back I was out of town and woke up feeling less than 100%. I hopped inContinue reading “Let’s not be shy now.”

Charles with a healthy helping of pie.

My dog, the precious little jerk that he is… hasn’t been feeling so hot lately. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this before, but if I have you get to hear it all over again. And you’re going to like it. Lucky you. About a year after I got this wonderful, urine filled darling he startingContinue reading “Charles with a healthy helping of pie.”

Off to the land of corn and soy beans.

I’m taking a little trip. To Iowa. Have I peaked your interest yet? No? There is something wrong with you. Iowa seems to be a forgotten state. There aren’t any MAJOR U.S. landmarks (unless you count the toothpick museum in Gladbrook as a national  treasure), there aren’t an un-godly amount of 5-star restaurants (in factContinue reading “Off to the land of corn and soy beans.”

A woeful me tale…

If you met me you would think I was rather normal… maybe a bit on the tall side (and by tall side I mean borderline amazon porportions), but normal. Well this would be where you are wrong. Very, very wrong. I’m a klutz with a serious deficiency in normal coordination. Walking into walls, falling onContinue reading “A woeful me tale…”

An ode to my future ex-roommate.

So… when I moved in with my current roommate (last summer) I figured only one of us would make it out alive. Clearly if it had come down to it I would have lived simply because I have a sick round-house kick that would kick her lame excuse of an upper cut’s ass. However, thatContinue reading “An ode to my future ex-roommate.”

I don’t like to cuddle… And?

So in general people like to cuddle. Snuggle up on the couch during a movie, lay by a fireplace being all romantic, just canoodle in bed a bit before falling asleep… personally I don’t like to be touched for extended periods of time. I can’t for the life of me figure out how the hellContinue reading “I don’t like to cuddle… And?”

Busy, busy busy.

The next few weeks are probably going to kill me, just kill me dead. Ok, ok I’m exaggerating, but nonetheless they are going to be one crazy, hectic mess. I’m getting ready to move (see Housing Gods) to Denver, trying to prepare for family and friends to come into town for my sister’s graduation party,Continue reading “Busy, busy busy.”