Best Present EVER.

I’m terrified of bugs. Absolutely terrified. I will jump out of the shower (shampoo in hair) and run down the hall screaming if a spider decides to drop in for steam bath. I can’t sleep in a room if I know there is a spider lurking, and don’t even get me started on that wholeContinue reading “Best Present EVER.”

My Little List of Words

For the past six years I’ve kept a list of words I love. I add to it, change it, and admire it. Here are a few lovelies: Tapering, cryptic, taut, superfluous, unaffected, cosmos, extrordinaire, veiled, enamored, ethereal, aspen, peppered, squelch, emanated, travesty, tucked, luscious, cloaked, flecked, bucket, fancied, seething, skewed, pocked, dotted, darling… and onContinue reading “My Little List of Words”

I don’t want your celebrity.

A LOT of people have celebrity crushes… or even celebrity obsessions. Sure, sure I went through a Leonardo Dicaprio phase in 6th grade, right after the Titanic release.  And yes, I thought Johnny Depp was about the hottest thing since sliced bread after watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Other than that though, no major celebrityContinue reading “I don’t want your celebrity.”


I’m 6′, or darn close. No surprise… not a secret. There are great things about being tall. My height always ends up as a topic of conversation, so let’s address it. Much like being short there are some spectacular points as well as some others that cause severe loathing… On the bright side, it’s muchContinue reading “Amazonian.”

Enough Already.

Ever have a day or days where some songs just make you cringe… maybe some songs no matter what day it is cause you to gag. A few are overplayed (ahem, maybe by myself in the beginning), but some are just T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E to begin with. Literally terrible. A few songs that will cause me toContinue reading “Enough Already.”

San Fran, Day 2

Day 2, Day 2, Day 2. My most flagrant memory of day two was the drunk, pedophile that followed us around the ferry to Alcatraz. Imagine, a man. Tall, a little gangly with thinning, greasy hair done up in a scraggly, hap-hazard comb over. His clothes are a size too big and he appears toContinue reading “San Fran, Day 2”

San Francisco, Day 1.

I’m back home and have settled down. That’s a lie, but it sounds better than, “I’m still in disarray trying to pull some semblance of my life together”, doesn’t it? I ate my way through the past 4 days and did enough walking to burn at least a quarter of it off. Or, so IContinue reading “San Francisco, Day 1.”