A Day In The Life – 3 Months

I’ve loved reading day in the life posts by some of my favorite blogger that have had children! Just as well, I thought it might be fun to look back in a few months to see what our days were like at 3 months! Here we go!

2:30 AM – I hear Eleanor whimpering/crying out in her sleep so I pull back the (warm, warm) covers and head over to re-insert her pacifier. I head to the bathroom since I’m up and double check that she’s good before going back to bed.

5:30 AM – Christian gets up to get ready for work. Eleanor starts to stir, so I get up and re-insert the pacifier and turn on the sound machine and auto-rock feature on her rock ‘n play. I cross my fingers that this will buy me a couple more hours of sleep and head back to bed. [A few minutes later Christian kisses me goodbye and heads downstairs]

7:30 AM – I hear a distinct squawking coming from the rock ‘n play. Little E’s eyes are wide open and she’s ready to roll. I drag myself out of bed, head to the bathroom and go grab her. She gets a diaper change before we settle in for her first nursing session of the day.

8:00 AM – She’s finished eating and burping. I settle her into her rock ‘n play for a few minutes so that I can pump. I’ve been pumping every morning (after her first feeding) since she was 2 weeks old which has allowed me to really build a freezer stash!


8:30 AM – It’s bath time! I gather all the necessities (towel, wash cloths, clothes, a cloth diaper) and get the bath all set up. Eleanor pees twice during her bath which means we have to drain the water and refill twice. Once she’s squeaky clean, I dry her off, lotion her up and get her dressed. Her outfit is a bit big, but I wanted to make sure that whatever I put her in would hold her cloth diaper since it was our first attempt!

9:00 AM – Nap time! I can tell that E is getting tired by a few yawns and a few cranky bouts of shouting. I wrap her in her halo swaddle sleep sack, give her a pacifier and turn on her sound machine. She’s out in a matter of minutes.

I head downstairs to put my milk in the freezer, eat breakfast (a chia pudding, coconut milk and spinach smoothie), do a quick scan of my online blog feed and check email. Today, I also put on the ending key note from Alt Summit (a recommendation from The Small Things Blog) to listen to while I get things done.


10:55 AM – Eleanor is up! I see her moving around on the monitor moments before she starts crying. I head upstairs to get her. This was a longer nap than usual, she usually sleeps for about an hour before wanting to be freed from her crib. I feed her, change her diaper and we play. She spits up multiple times (also not the norm) and I end up needing an outfit change and so does she.


We spend time looking in the mirror, playing on our tummy, dancing to some hip hop and play with some soft rattles. She’s pretty spent and starts to baby shout her disapproval.

12:30 PM – Nap time! I put her in her crib (same routine as her earlier nap) and head downstairs for some lunch (gluten-free chicken noodle soup). I’ve been texting with my friend Kelly, so I get re-caught up on the texts I hadn’t read and respond. The kitchen is a mess, so after lunch I do a few dishes and just generally pick up.

I, also, start writing this post and talk to Christian for a while during his lunch break. In between all of this, I run upstairs three different times to re-insert her pacifier. It doesn’t usually happen that many times in one nap, but today’s all about breaking the norm.


2:30 PM – She’s awake and ready to party! I head upstairs to get her. She’s awake but I can tell she’s wavering on whether she’ll stay up for good. After two bouts of falling asleep while nursing, I throw in the towel. We change her diaper and back downstairs. She plays with her little kick and play piano and we do a bit of tummy time as well as walk to the mailbox to drop off some mail. The rest of the time I listen to her tell me stories and we dance around the family room.


4:00 PM – Nap time! I take her and put her in her crib (same routine as her earlier naps) and head back downstairs. I carry some things to the basement, start a load of laundry and begin thinking about dinner (honey dijon chicken with broccoli and quinoa)… I better get a head start before she wakes up and needs to eat!


5:15 PM – She’s up! I spend 15 minutes trying to get her back to sleep, no go. Time for a diaper change and feeding. We head downstairs so that I can turn the stove on and put the broccoli in the oven. Once she’s done eating I put her on her play mat so I can finish dinner!

6:05 PM – Christian is home! He takes Eleanor with him to get changed while I finish dinner. She’s pretty happy for a few minutes, but starts squawking around 6:15. We put her in the swing while we sit down to have some dinner.

6:45 PM – Eleanor is dozing in her swing and we’re watching the latest episode of Castle. During a commercial break we pause to get Rick Krispy treat. The dogs take big time advantage of snuggling their parents while Eleanor takes a nap. We try to give them a little extra love at night to make up for giving their sister more attention these days.

7:15 PM – I give Eleanor a little snack while Christian and I watch TV. I play with her for a bit and hope that she’ll doze a little more before we head upstairs for the night. No go. We end up dancing with her, swaying around the room and trying all manner of activities to keep her happy rather than crying.

8:30 PM – We start wrapping things up downstairs – packing up leftovers, getting Christian’s lunch ready for the next day and doing dishes. We wash all the pump parts and head upstairs.

8:45 PM – Christian and I brush our teeth and I wash my face. Eleanor gets a diaper change and we put her in some footie pajamas. She usually plays with us for a bit before we give her a final feeding.


9:15 – Time for her last feed of the day! I fill up her tummy, burp her and then wrap her in her swaddle sack before putting her in the rock ‘n play for the night.

9:45 PM – I get in bed and read and do a final scan of my email I’m trying to stop checking email at bed time, but its a hard habit to break! After a few minutes of that I pick up my book. I’m currently ready the Josephine B. trilology — I’m a sucker for historical fiction and this is no different.


10:45 PM – Lights out! So we can start all over again tomorrow!

Each day is different. Her napping schedule and temperament will seem consistent until it’s not — tis the way of babies! We also usually have a few outings during the week and definitely some visitors, we just happened to be on our own yesterday!

I sure love every minute at home with Ms. E and couldn’t be more grateful to have her as my girl.




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