Life Listin’ – Update.

I was meandering through my life list recently – after the launch of Go Mighty – when I realized that I’ve checked a few of those bad boys off over the past year. Here’s an update:

#24: Explore a shipwreck: In Turks and Caicos, for our honeymoon we went on a snorkel tour and ended up at a ship wreck. It was by no means the Titanic, but cool to see, nonetheless. Weathered boards jutting up from the sand, schools with millions of fish wandering in spirals and a barracuda leering from the underside of the deck. I’d say that pretty much covers the “explore a shipwreck” goal. Since, I’m currently thinking that scuba would be a poor decision for me (stuck under a bazillion gallons of water with only a little air tank? No thanks)… that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

#26: Attend at least 1 Canvas and Cocktails: Painting and cocktail classes are popping up everywhere these days and I so very badly wanted to do one. Last winter my friend Jacqui and our Mom’s did a girls day with lunch, cocktails and paintings. Then, this summer, I went again for my sister’s bachelorette party. Can’t say I’m an excellent artist, my OCD need to have it look exactly like the sample left me a little disappointed with my effort. Fun nonetheless!

#30: Go on a cruise: Last February, Christian and I… and his sister and her family and his parents (whew all 8 of us) took a 10 day cruise through the Caribbean. The weather wasn’t the best, but the Lobster was amazing. The rash I got all over my body itched real bad, but the beaches were beautiful. The stomach (death) flu I had on one of our only real beach days sucked something awful, but spending that vacation with family was worth it. To say it was an up and down trip would probably do it justice. We had so much fun, but there were some rough patches — including a moment of insanity when I felt like I’d been trapped indoors for days due to the crazy rocking of the boat and inability to even walk the decks. Ahem, where was I going with this? Oh yes. I checked it off — it was fun — I would do it again – maybe not in February.

#36: Try Yoga, both normal and Bikram: You can see the post I wrote on trying yoga out (both kinds) for the first time, here. I loved it and can’t figure out what took me so long!

#43: Get married and have a family: Well I’m half way there… I got married on October 8, 2011. The post I wrote for that day is brief, but here. It’s on my proverbial “to-do” list to get the rest of the wedding details up, but I haven’t had the energy to sort through approximately a million photos. I’ll get there someday, I promise! As far as a family… not there yet!

#54: Live Alone: I only did this for a short six months… but I loved it. If I had known how wonderful it was, I might have even done it sooner. But, then again, living with all my roommates over the years warranted some ridiculous stories that I wouldn’t give up for anything. If I had stayed single/un-married for longer I would live alone all the way. Trust me, it was amazeballs.

Hopefully 2013 holds even more excitement and even more check marks. I love check marks and doing cool things.

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I'm a marketer, cook, avid bug hater, cupcake lover, hiker, klutz, and married lady living in the great state of Colorado... My name is Megan Stecker and I'm a Colorado native. That's right, born and raised. I currently live in Denver and work in Marketing. I love what I do and watching it impact my client's business. I love to cook and bake. A good glass of wine can cure what's ailing you as long as you drink it in good company. I love the outdoors. Hiking, camping, exploring... I'm in. I have two dogs, Ollie and Duke, and I treat them like a children. My husband, friends and family mean everything to me. I also, inadvertently, find myself in the midst of disaster on a regular basis.

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