On Monday, it’s all about the little things.

If you take the weather of the last two weeks into consideration, then I’d say we have a pattern with dreary Mondays. Today being 1 out of the 2. Here’s what my dashboard had to say about it:

After such dreary days last week I was determined to spice things up and add a little fall cheer to my office. Fall is my most favorite season after all. Enter the cinnamon candle.

With all my heart

I’m thinking of making a seasonal candle a staple of my office — just to make things that much better! With that candle burning I want to wrap myself in a blanket, grab some hot apple cider and snuggle up for an afternoon with my favorite book. Maybe after work?

Like this cinnamon candle.

Anything you use — at home or at work — to make your day better?

Published by Megan

I'm a marketer, cook, avid bug hater, cupcake lover, hiker, klutz, and married lady living in the great state of Colorado... My name is Megan Stecker and I'm a Colorado native. That's right, born and raised. I currently live in Denver and work in Marketing. I love what I do and watching it impact my client's business. I love to cook and bake. A good glass of wine can cure what's ailing you as long as you drink it in good company. I love the outdoors. Hiking, camping, exploring... I'm in. I have two dogs, Ollie and Duke, and I treat them like a children. My husband, friends and family mean everything to me. I also, inadvertently, find myself in the midst of disaster on a regular basis.

One thought on “On Monday, it’s all about the little things.

  1. I just love your photo of the sea! My hubbie and I just returned from the Ionian Sea in Manduria, Italy. While there, I purposely took off my shoes and let the waves kiss my feet. I then kneeled on the banks and collected small seashells, treasures of the sun to package.
    And your harvest home candle is divine. Is it a scented tangerine? What I do to make my home/work place cozier? I make a superb hot chocolate with an Italian Ravera Chili Chocolate powder http://www.baciravera.com For a cozy ambience, I also boil water and sprinkle in cinammon…scents up my entire kitchen/living area. Baking a bath of chocolate chip cookies never hurts:-)
    And I have a superb CD-The Best of Mahalia Jackson….gets me singing in the spirit and jumping all over the place! Yes! Thank you for sharing your photos.

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